Mattress Buying Guide – Which One is Right For You?

We all know that sleep deprivation results in fatigue and a low level of concentration. This can have a negative effect on your family life as well as your work or business life. Unless you actually have a sleep disorder quite often a good quality mattress can increase the quality of your nights sleep. Long gone are the days of filled horse hair mattresses, today its all about new technology such as visco elastic memory foam, zoned pocket sprung systems and vita reflex foam. Not every mattress will be suitable for each individual person and there are so many variations available that it takes you to know what you want. Some people prefer a soft reflex foam mattress while others prefer a solid pillow top pocket sprung mattress and in many cases orthopaedic issues dictate which type of mattress is going to be the most suitable for you.

If you want to increase the chances of picking a mattress which is suitable for you then use the following as a guide.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses have improved greatly over the past few years with major brands producing state of the art small single mattress products. The most important thing to consider is how much memory foam is in the mattress. Most memory foam mattress have a reflex foam base with a particular amount of memory foam added as a top layer. The more memory foam you have the more expensive the mattress will be. Be prepared to shop around as many memory foam mattresses are very similar however the bigger the brand the bigger the price even though specs may be virtually the same.

2. Reflex Foam Mattresses

Reflex foam mattresses are sometimes considered as orthopaedic mattresses. These are generally a cheaper alternative to a memory foam mattress but still provide the comfort of a foam product. Normally the big factor in buying a reflex foam mattress is how thick it is and how firm it is. The thickness will determine the price as the more foam used the dearer the product will be. Regarding firmness this is a choice that needs to be made. The manufacturer should be able to give an indication of how firm the mattress is.

3. Pocket Sprung Mattresses.

Pocket Sprung mattresses are a more traditional choice in relation to the new memory foam products mentioned above. Pocket Sprung mattress provides comfort and support but can come in all shapes and sizes! The thing to consider is how many springs there are and this will directly affect the price of the mattress. These mattresses can also come with different firmness ratings so it is worth while asking the seller or manufacturer how firm it is. A fantastic addition to a pocket sprung mattress is a layer of memory visco elastic foam. This addition gives the support of a pocket sprung system as well as the benefits of a memory mattress.

There are other types of mattresses available on the market however the three mentioned above tend to be the most popular. Always remember to make your decision based on a fair balance between budget and what firmness you require. After all there is no point in investing in a new mattress if it isn’t going to be comfortable and result in a better nights sleep.

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